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Fastback® Covers & Strips
Super Strips TM

The Super StripTM binding strip is a rugged, multi-purpose strip. Use the Super Strip to quickly and durably bind any document. It is the ideal choice for foil-printing spine titles with the PowisPrinter®.

Available colors are Black, White, Dk Blue, Bright Blue, Lapis, Dk Green, Jade, Red, Maroon, Dk Gray, Lt Gray, LtBrown, Dk Brown, Yellow, Purple, Teal.

Available Sizes: Narrow, Medium, Wide

* Strips can be used with the Model 15xs and the Narrow can be used with the Model 11
Speed Strips TM

True to its name, this strip is formulated to bind a book in approximately 10 seconds, resulting in a throughput of 240 books per hour. The Model 15xs binder automatically recognizes the strip and adjusts the bind cycle for the fastest bind possible.

Available Sizes: Narrow, Medium, Wide

Colors: Black, White, Red, Dk Blue.

* For use with the Model 15xs only
Comp Strips Fan

This smooth-textured strip is designed to coordinate with our Composition cover to give your document a finished, wraparound appearance. Foil-print spine titles on the Comp Strip™ with the PowisPrinter®.

Available in seven popular colors: Black, Dark Grey, White, Maroon, Dark Green, and Dark Blue and Red.

* For use with Model 15xs and the Model 11
L - Strips TM

Designed for the Model 8 binding machine, the L-StripTM is available in 11 colors and three sizes.

With the Fastback® binding system, you can use Perfectback® Lay Flat (LF), Pressure Sensitive (PS) or Temperature Activated (TA) strips.
Clear Covers

Our popular 7 mil heat-resistant clear sheet. Will not warp or melt during the bind cycle.
Comp Covers TM

These smooth-textured covers are specially designed for use with the Foilfast® Printer.
Bindcover TM
Designed to match the six best-selling Super StripTM colors.

The HalfbackTM covers feature a one-piece spine and cover to give your document a clean, seamless look. Whether it is an employee handbook or your company's annual report, with HalfbackTM covers, your document covers are limited only by your imagination. Using one of our Microsoft Word templates, or your favorite graphic design program, you can easily design your own covers. Print out your cover on an ink-jet printer and bind the entire document with a Fastback® machine.
Hardcover TM

  • Professional Results - Produce hard cover books that match commercially manufactured books in quality and durability.
  • Easy to Use - It only takes a few minutes to learn to use the Fastback® HardcoverTM System. Anyone can be up and in production immediately.
  • No Set-Up - Whether you make one book, or one thousand, there is never any set-up, so there is never any waste.
  • Saves Money - Produce only as many books as you need. There’s never any overstock.
    Hardcover TM Guide

    With the Fastback® HardcoverTM system, anyone can create a professional-quality hard cover book, in less than a minute. Publishers can now offer any book they have ever printed with no remaindered copies to worry about. Schools can let the students create their own yearbooks. Photographers can display and sell their work in a hard cover format, which is sure to impress galleries and clients. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective way to produce books for resale, or you want to create memory books for your children and friends, the Fastback Hardcover product line is the perfect solution.
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